Combatting sexual violence at bars, social events, and celebrations

Order an Angelot is an accreditation protocol aimed at combatting sexual violence and harassment at bars, social events, and celebrations.

A fake cocktail for very real help

An “Angelot” is a fake cocktail that anyone can order at accredited bars and events to subtly ask for help, without having to explain themselves.

Any reason to order an Angelot is valid: help will be provided to those who need it, no questions asked. Anybody can order an Angelot, either for themselves or for someone else.

When somebody orders an Angelot, they will get help from an individual trained by us, who will:

  • Guide them to a safe place where they can take the time to assess their needs
  • Offer them help according to the program’s established protocol and the needs expressed by the person for whom the Angelot was ordered
  • Give them a card with contact information for further resources should they need it

The largest network of safe bars and events in Canada!

When an event or establishment is accredited, it means the whole team received our training. You can therefore order an Angelot from anybody who works with the public at an accredited establishment or event. We check in and follow up regularly to make sure everyone is applying the protocol to the letter.

The training provided to accredited bar and event staff helps them recognize different forms of sexual violence and be proactive in stopping it before anyone even feels the need to order an Angelot. It also focuses on what to do and not to do when trying to support someone who was a victim of sexual violence. The training material was created by experts in sexual violence prevention and is regularly updated to reflect best practices and the latest evidence.

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